At Kasumigaseki Capital, based on our common guiding principle,
“There is no sustainable growth without society”,
we leverage the network and knowledge we have fostered in financing and real estate in order to create superior investment opportunities,
thus aiming toward a better society and environmental structure.

Logistics Business

We are scaling up our logistics facilities business to respond to increased demand for the following. logistics facilities, against the backdrop of the expanded e-commerce market. capital investment in cold storage warehouses, with an eye to the 2030 hydrochlorofluorocarbon regulation. cold storage and freezing warehouses, reflecting the increased consumption of frozen foods.

Our business is based on the three concepts

Cold chain


Environmental friendliness

Plan and develop environmentally friendly cold-chain logistics facilities.



The last 1.5 miles

Facilitate the development of transfer points linking a large logistic warehouse to local distribution hubs.

Urbanization control area


Development expertise

Create new real estate value in urbanization control areas by capitalizing on our development expertise.

Facility type

Cold storage warehouse

We offer a cold storage warehouse that has already been equipped by the leaser with refrigerating apparatus that meets the 2030 hydrochlorofluorocarbon regulation. This is in line with the surging demand for frozen foods.

Automated warehouse

An automated warehouse that provides multiple benefits by enabling effective use of space to render operations more efficient, and thereby reduce human labor, is also available. The leaser handled the automation process.

Dry warehouse

We provide a dry warehouse for room-temperature storage that best suits your needs in terms of location and specifications.

Scheme Diagram

E-commerce market size
(B to C EC market size)

Source: Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., Information Technology Navigator (2020)

Rentable area and tenant vacancy rate
in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Source: CBRE K.K., “Japan Logistics Market View” (2020); K.K. Ichigo Real Estate Service, “Industrial Market Research” (July 2020)

Hotel Business

While rich in tourism resources, including attractive destinations, Japan lacks accommodations for family or group tourists from both within the country and overseas. To address this issue, we have started developing apartment hotels that can easily accommodate a group of four or more persons, initially, mainly in Japan’s major tourist cities before expanding the service area. Through this line of business, we are able to address the rising tourism demand while also helping energize local communities.

Focus on supply-demand gap in guest rooms for large numbers of people

Differences In Hotel Development

Rooms are design for long-term stay with areas of 40 ㎡ and capacity for 4 or more customers. The cost for customers will be less that in business hotels. by limiting hotel services and reducing staff, the operations can be greatly streamlined. This business model can bring forth unprecedented value.

The funds we have managed

The ventures only targeting qualified special investors under the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures

LIFULL Investment Co., Ltd

On the projects in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture and in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, we have successfully arranged investors in the apartment hotel development despite during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ALL-JAPAN Tourism National Fund

Development of apartment hotels in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture and Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

Our hotel brand

FAV HOTEL, our original hotel brand under the concept: “Good for Group”, targets inbound tourists, families and groups. With the size of a major room exceeding 30 square meters, each room is equipped with facilities and amenities to ensure the comfort of long-term tourists.

Hotels we have developed

Nursery Business

We have been developing licensed nursery schools as a way to address the long-standing social issue of insufficient day care slots. Our projects are aimed at creating an environment where parents leave their small children for daycare service with confidence. Because our service enables parents to leave for work with peace of mind, we are thus helping promote women’s empowerment and address Japan’s declining and aging population.

Licensed Nursery School Development

Even with the various programs and efforts by government agencies to address the issues of wait listed children,
there is still exists a high demand for child care.

Number Of Nursery Schools and Usage Rate

Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Subsidies for Improvement of Day-Care Centers” (April 1, 2019)

Nursery schools we have developed

No Image

Bunkyo nursery school development

Located in:Bunkyo ward, Tokyo

Used as:Licensed Nursery School

Site area/Gross floor area:275.33 / 513.77 ㎡

Opened in:October 2018

Nerima nursery school development

Located in:Nerima ward, Tokyo

Used as:Licensed Nursery School

Site area/Gross floor area:497.74 / 464.73 ㎡

Opened in:April 2018

Ota nursery school development

Located in:Ota ward, Tokyo

Used as:Licensed Nursery School

Site area/Gross floor area:262.37 / 484.94 ㎡

Opened in:April 2020

Meguro nursery school development

Located in:Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Used as:Licensed Nursery School

Site area/Gross floor area:319.13 / 401.48 ㎡

Opened in:April 2020

Koto nursery school development

Located in:Koto ward, Tokyo

Used as:Licensed Nursery School

Site area/Gross floor area:337.53 / 487.39 ㎡

Opened in:April 2018

Sakurasakumirai Iriya Nursery School

Located in:1 Chome-6-9 Machiya, Arakawa ward, Tokyo

Used as: Licensed Nursery School With Company Owned Housing

Site area/Gross floor area:487.06 / 1,066.46 ㎡

Opened in:April 2019

Natural Energy Business

We have also invested to develop alternative energy and to engage in businesses utilizing natural energy sources such as solar power, wind power, and biomass. The use of natural energy is now gaining currency in the world’s energy policy. Aiming to achieve a supply system that decreases its dependence on nuclear energy, we are on the course to expanding our natural energy business. By effectively using our investment expertise and networks, we hope to become a driving force for Japan’s natural energy industry.

With Earth’s Limited Resources Being Depleted, We are Utilizing Sustainable Sources of Natural Energy to Provide Electricity Straight to the Home.

With the increasing importance of renewable energy in today’s world, we are developing solar energy and other natural energy projects using our combination of investment management knowledge and networking to promote the domestic natural energy industry in Japan.

Achieving High Added Value by Performing
Uncompromised Due Diligence

Contributing to Society from the Local Communities to the Global Environment

Major Contribution to Regional Revitalization

With Earth’s limited resources being depleted, we are utilizing sustainable sources of natural energy to provide electricity straight to the home.

Significant Contribution to
the Growth of Infrastructure Funding Market

In the infrastructure fund market, the demand for renewable energy generation facilities is increasing, and the market size is steadily expanding.The Company is expected to develop power generation facilities based on the results so far, and has concluded a support contract with listed infrastructure funds.

Natural Energy Business Growth Strategy

Solar Power Plant Development Project

By adapting the solar power generation facilities to various buildings and facilities, we can further the utilization of solar power technology.

Biomass Power Generation

Biomass plants are an effective use of resources that aid in preventing global warming.

Other Business

In recent years, Southeast Asian countries have continued to grow with the support of proactive investment by foreign capital, in addition to strong growth in domestic demand. Our company is also finding expansion opportunities in the Southeast Asian market and developing various projects centered on real estate and renewable energy. As we move to Reiwa, a new era in Japan, we aim to transmit the economic worth cultivated in Japan throughout the Showa and Heisei eras, and become a bridge toward creating new value first in Asia, and then in the world.

Developing Oversea Business
In ASEAN Countries

Source: JETRO “ASEAN Services Report” (2017)


  • Locations as “hubs” that connect Japan, Asia, and the world.
  • Domestic transportation infrastructure is being developed with high-speed railway & double-tracking plans.

Acquired shares of “Alpha Capital Enterprises Limited”, a subsidiary of C.P. Group

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, this is one of the world’s leading conglomerates with multiple listed companies throughout the world.

Established a local subsidiary in Bangkok


  • With an urgent need for infrastructure development, expectations are rising for distributed power sources, such as solar power, etc.  
  • As the middle-income group that drives the consumer market expands, the demand in real estate markets, such as housing, is expected to continue to grow.

Established a local subsidiary in Indonesia