Kasumigaseki Capital Co.,Ltd. accepts enquiries from customers regarding opinions, requests, questions, etc. regarding our service.


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    Reason for Contact

    We will use the received enquiries to enhance our services in the future. In addition, please be sure to read and understand the following precautions before sending an enquiry before proceeding to the content entry.

    Notes on Enquiries

    • - We will use personal information provided to us by customers to answer enquiries, ask questions, and provide information.
    • - If you are under 16 years of age, please contact us after receiving consent from your parent or guardian.
    • - If the email address provided by the customer is incorrect or there is a problem with the system, we may not be able to reply.
    • - Please be aware that responses to enquiries by e-mail may take some time or may not be at all answered. Messages received on Saturday, Sundays and/or public holidays will begin to be addressed on the next occurring business day.
    • - The response from us regarding the content of the enquiry is addressed to the individual customer. Please do not use part or all of our response for any purpose other than enquiry without our permission.
    • - The enquiry form uses SSL (data encryption technology) as security.
    • - Please refer to the "Privacy Policy" for the handling of personal information at Kasumigaseki Capital Co.,Ltd.
    • Matters mentioned above may be changed by laws and or other circumstances.