We Turn Needs into New Value.

The past year has been one of preparing to accelerate the growth of the Company. In addition to steadily expanding our core logistics business, we have also established a track record in the hotel business that demonstrates the superiority of our FAV Hotels. These successes have been joined by our new growth engines, the healthcare business and the residence fund business, and we have made solid progress toward achieving our Medium-Term Management Plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic. The invasion of Ukraine. Global inflation. We live in a world with an uncertain future outlook. That is precisely why it is important that we ask ourselves, as we do business, if we are truly a company that is needed by society.

・We will build an environmentally friendly logistics network to address the rising need for frozen warehouses.
・We will provide free, relaxing spaces to revitalize communities and make ours a tourism-oriented country.
・We will optimize medical and nursing care to deal with the challenges presented by our super-graying society.
・We will provide visible investment products to increase the diversity of private assets.

Our business consists of always remaining vital to society.
"Kasumigaseki Capitalʼs growth = Leads to a better society"

Societal needs will always lead to value creation. We are constantly moving forward, without hesitation, as we strive wholeheartedly to make the world a better place.

President & CEOKoshiro Komoto