When was your company established?
On September 6, 2011.
Where is your company listed?
On the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers market.(Growth Market)
What is your company's stock code?
The code is 3498.
What is the trading unit of your company's stocks?
The trading unit is 100 stocks.
When does your company's fiscal year end?
On August 31.
When do you announce your financial results?
Please refer to our IR Schedule.
When is the General Meeting of Shareholders held?
In November.
Do you have any shareholder benefit program?
In order to express our gratitude to our shareholders for their support, and to make the acquisition of our shares even more attractive, we have introduced a shareholder special benefit plan with the aim of encouraging our shareholders to hold Company stock over the medium to long term.

1. Eligible shareholders
Shareholders who own at least one unit (100 shares) of the Company’s shares that are registered or recorded in the shareholders’ register of the Company as of August 31 are eligible for the plan.

2. Contents of special incentives
Shareholders registered or recorded in the shareholders’ register as owning at least one unit (100 shares) of the Company’s shares as of August 31 will be issued shareholder points depending on the number of shares owned and the period of ownership, as indicated in the table below.
Furthermore, from the second year of the new special benefit plan onward, shareholders who have owned shares continuously for a period of one year or longer will receive 1.1 times as many points.
These points can be used on the Kasumigaseki Capital Premium Special Benefit Club, a website exclusively for shareholders, where they can be exchanged for food products, appliances, action ticket, donations to public interest corporations, and the like. The website offers a selection of over 5,000 items, and the number of points required varies by item.
These points can also be exchanged for WILLs Coins and combined with shareholder points from other companies with Premium Special Benefit Clubs.

Shareholder point table
No. of Shares Held
First Year
2nd and Subsequent Years
Shareholders receive an additional 2,500 points for every 100 shares thereafter (e.g. 7,500 points for 300 shares, 25,000 points for 1,000 shares).
1.1 times the points listed on the left.
4,000 shares or more
(Note) "2nd and Subsequent Years" refers to situations in which shares with the same share numbers have been continuously registered in the shareholders’ register twice or more as of August 31.

3. How to use the shareholder special benefits
Shareholders wishing to take advantage of shareholder special benefits must register on the Kasumigaseki Capital Premium Special Benefit Club website. Please see the "Announcement of the Kasumigaseki Capital Premium Special Benefit Club" that will be sent out in November for details regarding how to register, the dates on which points will be issued, when points can be redeemed, etc.
Who administers your company's transfer agent?
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
What is your company's business outlook?
Please refer to our financial statements in the IR Library.

If you have any other questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.