Natural EnergyNatural Energy Business

Development of Renewable Energy Power Generation Facilities as an Approach to Environmental and Energy Problems with an Eye towards the Next Generation

With the increasing importance of renewable energy in today’s world, we are developing solar energy and other natural energy projects using our combination of investment management knowledge and networking to promote the domestic natural energy industry in Japan.

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Natural Energy Business

With Earth’s Limited Resources Being Depleted, We are Utilizing Sustainable Sources of Natural Energy to Provide Electricity Straight to the Home.

Business Area (Natural Energy Business)

Achieving High Added Value by Performing Uncompromised Due Diligence

Contributing to a Better Society with Our Natural Energy Business

Contributing to Society from the Local Communities to the Global Environment

Major Contribution to Regional Revitalization

With Earth’s limited resources being depleted, we are utilizing sustainable sources of natural energy to provide electricity straight to the home.

Power Generation Facilities Utilized as Assets

Significant Contribution to the Growth of Infrastructure Funding Market

In the infrastructure fund market, the demand for renewable energy generation facilities is increasing, and the market size is steadily expanding.
The Company is expected to develop power generation facilities based on the results so far, and has concluded a support contract with listed infrastructure funds.

Natural Energy Business Growth Strategy

With Eyes Set on the Future, We are Carving a Path into the Future of Natural Energy Businesses.

Solar Power Plant Development Project

Expanding the Solar Power Plant Development Project

By adapting the solar power generation facilities to various buildings and facilities, we can further the utilization of solar power technology.
  • Roof Top Solar Power Facility
  • Carport Solar Power Facility

Biomass Power Generation

Build Sustainable Power Systems to Preserve the Environment for the Future

Biomass plants are an effective use of resources that aid in preventing global warming.

Making RE100 a Reality

RE100 as a Global Mission

About RE100

RE100 is an international initiative by companies with the goal of powering their business with 100% renewable energy.

RE100 Company Members Over Time

Company Members

Major National Companies
Japanese Companies (all 12 companies)
Sekisui House
ASKUL (joined in 2017)
Daiwa House
The Johnan Shinkin Bank
Marui Group
Fuyo General Lease
(announced joining in 2018)

Expanding Self-Sufficient Solar Power Generation Systems

From "The Age of Buying" to "The Age of Making"
Introduction of self-sufficient solar power generation systems is spreading rapidly worldwide thanks to a reducing material costs and construction expenses.

Increased Environmental Value

The value of the environment is increasing every day with companies striving for RE100. Even companies that do not have natural energy power plants are able to contribute to the spread of natural energy consumption by using certified green power supplies.