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Comprehensive Production to Increase Profitability and Contribute to the Revitalization of Local Communities.

We strive to attract high-quality tenants in close contact with peoples' daily lives to enhance our ability to appeal to customers. In doing this we create attractive facilities that are easy for local customers to use.
Improvements like this further draw customers to our facilities, and thus more alluring tenants are moving in. This creates a harmonious business environment that further enhances the opportunities for quality businesses to provide their goods and services to eager customers.

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Shopping Center Facility Summary

Season’s Walk Forte
Ogawara Town, Iwata-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
Number of Tenants
51 stores (as of late September 2018)
Main Tenants
Food supermarket, drug store, 100 yen shop, clothes retailer, movie theater, etc.
Site Area
57,327.18 m2 (617,064.63 ft2)
Total Floor Area
35,344.97 m2 (38,450.09 ft2)
Building Structure
Steel frame, steel frame reinforced concrete 2 stories
Solar Panel
Roof panels: 572 kW (purchase price 40 yen / kWh)
Forte HP

Shopping Center History

Facilities that will serve as Regional Infrastructure

In addition to contributing to the improvement of satisfying daily lives, it also provides entertainment to the area by providing cinema experiences. We have also set up a solar power generation facility to help combat environmental issues.