Natural Energy Business

Natural Energy
We Confront Energy Problems to Preserve the Environment for Future Generations
We are developing and investing in natural energy such as solar power, wind power, biomass, and more.
The prioritization of renewable energy is an important shift in global energy policy. In order to contribute to the realization of a supply structure that is not dependent on nuclear energy or harmful, finite resources, we combine our varied expertise and networks in investment management to expand the development of the domestic renewable energy industry.

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Real Estate Consulting & Development Business

Real Estate Consulting
Optimized Policies and Support to Maximize the Value of Each Asset
We acquire lands and buildings that are not used effectively due to vacancy or aging and revitalize them to produce to maximize their intrinsic value..
Property value is adjusted according to individual property characteristics so as to help combat social issues in Japan such as excessive vacant housing and the shortage of accommodation facilities for an increasing demand in inbound tourism. Furthermore, we strive to combat the issue of young children being wait-listed for schools.

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Shopping Center Business

Shopping Center
Contributing to the Revitalization of Local Communities through Comprehensive Production that Enhances Profitability
We perform various comprehensive duties such as tenant leasing of large-scale commercial facilities, implementing repair plans, event promotion, and more., with an emphasis on concept creation that identifies regional characteristics, trends, and the needs of consumers.
By introducing amusement facilities such as movie theaters, we are maximizing the value of complex commercial facilities and contributing to the revitalization of local communities.

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